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venomous_satire's Journal

Venomous Satire
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This is a writing community for works of die_fabel and dulcis_memoria. Before you proceed, please note that we are both - yaoi - yuri - het - friendly. We will not tolerate any flames regarding our preferences. Most of the works in the community will be fanworks and we do not own any series or characters unless specified by us.

A U T H O R S ' P R O F I L E

.: die_fabel :.

Kathreftis is a first-class procrastinator. She likes to leave things until the last minute, only to panic about them the night before. Never expect a fast update from this self-proclaimed lazy bugger. She likes reading fics more than writing them and she is an avid rper. She obsesses over pretty boys (who doesn't?) and fangirls over them a lot.

Shy and reluctant to chat to people, you will most likely have to be the one who drag her into a chat. Once she warms up to you, you shall never be rid of her. Fear!

.: dulcis_memoria :.

Kris is a rather bouncy individual and is usually found lurking around in the most unexpected places. She usually writes for small fandoms since she has some screws missing in her head, but never mind that. One of her bad habits, out of many, is that she must criticize nearly everything she comes across. That, and mess annoys her, as everything must be organized and in order.

Despite being a perfectionist (a.k.a fussy) and a hard one to please, you are not likely to hear from her until you have done something wrong that she cannot overlook. Then you are in major trouble.